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Eamon Bode

‘Haunted’ out now!

New release


At nightfall on Hallowe’en 2020 Eamon released a new song for the first time in a few years.  ‘Haunted’ is available to buy on Bandcamp and will soon be available on Spotify and other outlets. 

A video will follow. Follow Eamon on social media to know about such things.



Wolf, bird, lost, sun


tinman, sweet dreams, through the noise,  funeral love

music for its own sake

About Eamon Bode

Eamon Bode is an Irish musician who composes ambient songs in minimal strokes of synth, drums and guitar. Performances are rare and hooded. Recordings that emerge are pushed out into the world with the idea of letting the songs speak for themselves.

The faceless low-key approach was adopted to sidestep the usual rat-race of self-promotion and general commercialism expected of musicians. Not things that usually sit well with honest creativity.

In Eamon’s case the prospect of completely ignoring whatever counts as success these days was much more appealing. His hope is just to continue writing, recording and releasing music whenever he can. The music comes easily but life so far has had a tendency to get in the way.  If you do like what you’ve seen and heard so far and would like help clear that path to the studio for Eamon, by all means support the artist by buying an EP or single or supporting him on Patreon.

Live performances


If you’d like Eamon to perform at your venue, festival or other event just get in touch below.

Hwch Festival

Wolf – live


Music Videos

Eamon has created some interesting videos to accompany some of his songs, you can check them out below.

Upcoming releases


Nightfall of Halloween 2020 will see the quiet release of a new song, “Haunted” by Eamon Bode. If you’re interested you can pre-order or just keep an eye out on Eamon’s social media where he’ll post about it as we approach the release date on Oct 31st.





the blog


Every now and again Eamon vomits up some baffling wordage into this aimless but sometimes entertaining outlet. Not for the faint-hearted.